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Bronze Moments of season 4
Leauge of LegendsMachinima Realms have put together a short montage of the funniest bronze moments of Season 4 (2014).

go to "read more" to see the clip.
Smite Cognitive Prime signing with Cloud9
SmiteCloud9 announced that the world championship winners, former Cognitive Prime will spearhead Cloud9’s return to the world of competitive SMITE. John “BaRRaCCuDDa” Salter, Cognitive's hunter, shared his feelings on the occasion, while Jack Etienne, Cloud9’s owner, gave some insight into his choice to re-enter the Smite pro-scene.

“The opportunity to sign with Cloud9 was truly a dream come true for myself and all of my teammates.” shared John, “What really pushed us is that Cloud9 is regarded as one of the most respected esports organizations in the business.”

Smite New Conquest map
SmiteA new Conquest map design has been revealed, and it is absolutely stunning!
Not only are the graphical improvements wonderful and impressive, but there will be gameplay changes coming together with them. Some buff camps will be moved around, and apparently an entirely new type of buff camp will be added as well! That means new Gods won't be the only thing shaking up competitive play this year. Watch this gorgeous trailer to see the new map in action.

More Vids and information about the new map if you click the "read more" button.