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Started: 29.09.14
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Tree farm Raid
Seems that Skelettpiskaren and Redtrixer found a gigantic tree farm that is up for grabs, we are a bunch of members that will get together and try to make a profit out of it!

Check this forum thread for more information!

TreeFarm madness

New Hierarchy in Nordicfrost
We Welcome our new Trade Chiefs Axuna and Eren!
We Welcome our new Overseer iTz_Vain Aka. "Vatith"!
We Welcome our new War Chiefs Ljung Aka. "Skelettpiskaren" and Redtrixer!

As for now we are searching for:

1 or 2 Diplomats for communicating with other guilds.

(Full) Overseer to make sure our players are following the guild rules.

1 or 2 Treasurers to keep an eye on the guilds materials and wealth.

1 or 2 (Full)War chiefs to coordinate PvP/instances/dungeons and alike (for community events this are the ones that will be in-charge not guild leaders)

1 or 2 (Full) Trade chiefs to coordinate larger trade runs with the guild (for community events this are the ones that will be in-charge not guild leaders)

If you feel that you are in a position to take one of these spots talk with Me (cr0xey) or Lexter either ingame or Pm here on the website!

Se you on the fields of Nuia!
Breathe back some Life in this Place
Time to breathe back some Life in this old page, I'm going to try to hit lvl 30 in League this weekend. And then try to get some friends to join this community so we can play some League and other games together! :) Share some fun times!